Best Ozark Trail Backpack Review [Save Money]

A backpack is an important accompaniment to trips, travels, school or to the workplace. There are different backpacks with unique and differing features. Some backpacks have been made for some particular needs such as hiking, travelling and cycling amongst others. For people going on these trips, a backpack is important.

There are many companies and brands that are producing backpacks for the use of people. One of such companies is Ozark Trail. Ozark trail is a very popular brand that manufactures coolers and tumblers. They are also well when it comes to the production of back packs. They have different types of backpacks for different events and you can always get one for you.

ozark trail backpack

Ozark Trail Traveler Backpack

So, How to save money with Ozark Trail Backpack?

When ever we do any comparison or product review we find best price from market place with best quality. We compare each of the trusted website where same kind of product available. 

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Lets compare Amazon and Walmart with a same ozark trail backpack. 

Ozark Trail 35L Silverthrone Hydration backpack. 

In amazon store they are selling $33.85 and in Walmart its price only $20.20. And you can save $11.65 for same model and color backpack.

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Ozark Trail 35L on Amazon Price

Ozark Trail 35L on Walmart Price

Best Ozark Trail Backpack review

In this ozark trail backpack review, we will take a look at Seven of the best ozark trail backpack and help you to decide which one is the best for you to purchase. So follow along as we take a look at the eight ozark trail backpack.

OZARK TRAIL 45L Reviewedby 13North

1. Ozark Trail Hiking Backpack Eagle, 40L Capacity, Blue

Highlighted Features

  • 40 liter capacity.
  • Adjustable back panel that ensures comfortable hiking.
  • Load stabilization system.
  • Check Square
    Rain cover for the rainy days.
  • Check Square
    Hydration compatible.
  • Check Square
    Waist belt with zippered pockets.
best ozark trail backpack

Ozark Trail Hiking Backpack Eagle, 40L

The first in our review of the best ozark trail backpack is a hiking backpack. This backpack is meant especially for hiking and has been designed with the essential features to facilitate hiking.

The hiking backpack has a 40 liter capacity. It is a good quality product that can accompany you on any kind of extended trips. It is made from quality polyester fabric. The body is very strong and compact thus making the backpack very durable.

The adjustable panel and sternum straps make it very convenient to carry for long periods of time.

It has a product weight of 2.54 pounds and a product dimension of 5 inches by 19.5 inches by 12.75 inches.

2. Ozark trail 35l Silverthorne Backpack

Highlighted Features

  • Light weight
  • Water proof
  • Durable nylon fabric
  • Check Square
    Large volume of space
  • Check Square
    Protective pockets
  • Check Square
    Different color options
  • Check Square
    Comfortable straps
ozark trail backpack review


Next in the review is the 35 liter Silverthorne backpack. It is also a hydration compatible backpack that is strong and durable and can be used for hiking as well as travelling.

It has a large compartment that is the main component for carrying the bulk of your loads. But apart from the large compartment, there are also other compartments for easy storage. There are two front zip pockets as well as a hard case sunglasses pocket.

The Silverthorne backpack has an air mesh padded shoulder, sternum straps and back panel that make it easy and convenient to carry along. It is made from nylon fabric, therefore the strength and durability is never in question.

The backpack is not meant to be bleached, washed or ironed to maximize its useful life.

3. Ozark Trail 35L Silverthorne Hydration-compatible backpack

Highlighted Features

  • It is very cheap.
  • Water resistant.
  • Large volume of space.
  • Check Square
    Bright color and beautiful design.
  • Check Square
    Comfortable and well-built straps.
  • Check Square
    Lots of pockets to go along with the main compartment.

The 35 L hydration compatible backpack is one of the best ozark trail backpack. This particular brand is orange colored and hydration compatible. It is a good accompaniment for your trips, travels, fishing, travelling and hiking adventures.

This backpack has a lot of space. There is a main compartment and then other pockets that can carry different kind of items. There is also a molded hard case space for your sun glasses. All your travelling essentials can be contained within this 35 liter backpack.

The sternum and compression straps also ensure that they can be easily carried and transported. The shoulder straps are air meshed and padded. There is also a back panel and a safety reflective tab.

4. Ozark Trail 25 L Yakutat Hydration compatible backpack

Highlighted Features

  • Two colors: red and grey.
  • Limited lifetime guaranty.
  • Lots of space.
  • Check Square
    Light weighted.
  • Check Square
    Comfortable and convenient straps.
  • Check Square
    It’s a versatile backpack
  • Check Square
    Many pockets.
ozark trail traveler backpack

Ozark Trail 25 L Yakutat Hydration compatible backpack

The Yakutat backpack is another hydration compatible backpack in our review of the best ozark trail backpack. Hydration compatible backpacks are water resistant and they are well loved by people who will use their backpacks where there will be contact with water.

This backpack can be used for all kinds of outdoor adventures like camping and hiking. It can also be used as a school backpack or work backpack. It is strong and can endure all kinds of adverse conditions in the outdoor. It is made from quality nylon

The product has a quality back panel and the straps are air meshed. They ensure comfort and convenience whenever you are travelling. The straps are also adjustable to fit your body structure and the volume of loads that you are carrying.

There are many compartments that can be used to pack your load. There are two pockets by the side and a pocket at the front and an organizer pocket.

 Yakutat backpack has a product weight of 1.8oz and a product dimension of 18.9 inches by 12.6 inches by 2.30 inches.

5. Ozark trail 23L Riverdale Hydration backpack

Highlighted Features

  • Many storage spaces and compartments.
  • 2 liter hydration reservoir.
  • Light weighted.
  • Check Square
  • Check Square
    Comfortable and convenient straps.
  • Check Square
    Adjusts to your waist easily
  • Check Square
    Comfortable and convenient

This is a 23 liter backpack from Ozark trail. Like many of the best ozark trail backpack, it is a hydration backpack. In addition to the 23 liter, there is a 2 liter hydration reservoir specifically designed for you.

It is a rugged backpack that can endure all kinds of outdoor adventures from camping to any form of trip.

It also has air mesh padded shoulder and back panel that makes it more convenient. This is in addition to the compression straps that make it convenient. The load is well distributed to prevent any problem to your back. Riverdale backpack also has an adjustable waist belt as part of the design for convenience.

There are many compartments and storage spaces. This includes the two water bottle pockets. It also has a quick stash front panel, daisy chain attachment points, and a safety reflective piping.

6. Ozark Trail 24 can Thermal insulated Cooler backpack

Highlighted Features

  • 2 color option: black and grey.
  • Cheap.
  • Thermal insulation
  • Check Square
    Light weighted.
  • Check Square
    Holds ice packs
  • Check Square
    Can keep lot of items

This is a unique product in this ozark trail backpack review. It is a combination of a cooler and a backpack. It can store lots of items and it can also help keep items cool when they are stored within it. It is made from a blend of polyester.

The main compartment is the thermal insulated part. Outside of the main compartments, there are also other pockets outside that can keep all kinds of items. There are two pockets on either side that are air meshed and can be easily accessed. There is also a safety reflective tab at the front of the backpack.

The shoulder straps are adjustable and it has a back panel. These two features ensure it is very easy and convenient to carry along for all kinds of trips and outdoor adventures.

The backpack can be used with freezer packs and ice packs. The thermal insulation ensures those items retain their temperature.

 The product has a dimension of 67 inches by 7 inches by 17 inches.

7. Ozark Trail 65L Stavern Hydration-compatible backpack

Highlighted Features

  • Two colors available: Gray and black.
  • Hydration compatible.
  • Large space with a lot of compartments.
  • Check Square
    Light weighted.
  • Check Square
    Good zippers
  • Check Square
    Main compartment easily accessible.
  • Check Square
    Great back support.

This is the largest backpack in this ozark trail backpack review. The Stavern backpack is a 65 liter backpack that can hold different kinds of items. It has many compartments and much space. The main compartment is wide and can be easily accessed. It is good for travelling, trekking, mountain hiking, extended trips and outdoor adventures.

There is a dual hydration pockets that accompany it. You won’t need to be thirsty on your trip. It is also a hydration compatible backpack and so can withstand the external environment quite well. Stavern has a front zip pocket, front pouch and a bottom compartment.

The waist belt can be easily adjusted and it has webbed reinforcement straps. The torso system is also adjustable. There are also quality attachment points. You cannot go wrong with this cooler in terms of comfort and convenience.

The Stavern backpack is not meant to be washed, ironed or bleached.

Stavern backpack has a product weight of 2.5 pounds and a product dimension of 26.4 by 13 inches by 8.70 inches.

Factors to consider when buying an Ozark Trail Backpack

There is the ozark trail backpack review. We have looked 7 of the best ozark trail backpack. We have looked at the features and capability of each of the backpack.

Next in this review, we help you to make a choice among these great alternatives. We do this by taking a look at the factors you need to consider when buying an ozark trail backpack.

Design and color:

The best ozark trail backpacks have different design and color. Color ranges from grey, black, and red to orange. There are also varieties of design. There are different ways to access the main compartments. Different zippers design. There are different arrangements of the pockets, the straps and the back panel.

It is therefore essential to consider which of the design is best suited to your personality and preference. Particular designs can be more comfortable for particular persons. Evaluate the design and choose the one that is best for you. This also applies to the color. While color might not affect functionality, it is important to buy a backpack that you would love and color is one of the essential elements that will make you love your backpack.

Comfort and Convenience:

There are different elements that determine how comfortable and convenient a backpack will be. Majorly, this will be determined by the back panel and the straps. A convenient backpack will have adjustable back panel that is air tight and water tight. The straps will be adjustable and share the load all over the body so the back is not in a dangerous health condition.

In the case of a waist belt, it will be well designed, adjustable with enough reinforcement straps. When the main compartment is also easy to access, it makes it more convenient and comfortable to use the backpack.

A hydration reservoir will also ensure that you are comfortable during the trip as it provides you with enough water supplies.

Space and volume:

The space of a backpack is measured in terms of the liter capacity. The best ozark trail backpacks come in different sizes as well as different design. There is the 24 liter backpack as well as the 65 liter capacity backpack. The 65 liter capacity can hold more items than the 24 liter capacity. But the 24 liter capacity will be more light weighted and easy to carry.

Therefore, the important decision matrix here is to assess your peculiar need. The backpack you will need for a day trip will be different from the one you need for a 4 day hiking trip and different from the one you will need for travelling or for schooling.

The backpacks also have different numbers of compartments and pockets. The compartments and pockets add to the volume of items that can be housed in a backpack.

 Review each of the eight best ozark trail backpack, consider their different sizes and decide on the best one for you peculiar needs. Enough space but not too much idle space is the key.

Raw materials:

The two major materials used for the backpacks we have looked at in the ozark trail backpack review are nylon and polyester. There is not much choice to be made here. Both materials have good quality that assures you of durability and ruggedness.

They may differ in certain respects. If those differences matter, then make your decision along those lines. If however, those differences are not material, then they are not important.

 But whatever the case may be, choose the one you are most comfortable with. The material is the crux of the backpack.


The prices of the ozark trail backpacks ranges from as low as $9 to $50+. The price varies as the capacity varies. There are also other elements that influence price.

Your buying decision will also depend on the price of the product. But as always, price is not absolute. . It is more important to choose the exact size and design that fits your needs so you don’t regret later. Better to buy what you need and spend higher than what is cheaper but ends up not meeting your needs.

As much as your budget is important, your needs are also important.  The price gap between the best ozark trail backpack is not so significant. Therefore, it is essential you spend just exactly what you need to spend on what you need, no more, no less.

Inside frame:

The inside frame has to do with the arrangement of the backpacks. It involves how the different pockets are internally arranged and connected. The internal frame is also important when it comes to convenience (the convenience of usage rather than the convenience of carriage). A good internal frame will make it more convenient to open, close, zip, unzip, pack and unpack.

Therefore, look back at this review and consider the internal frame of the backpacks and choose the one that will be most convenient.


Size and weight are a corollary. Bigger size means heavier weight and lower size means lighter weight. What a backpack loses in size, it gains in weight. However, it must be noted that all ozark trail backpacks are light weighted when compared to other brands of backpacks.

Therefore, even when you have to choose a bigger sized backpack because you need it, there is not much to worry about in terms of weight. The weight will depend largely on the items you pack rather than the inherent weight of the backpack.

Just like size, the important decision criteria here is need. Do you need a hiking backpack, a schooling backpack, working backpack, cycling backpack? Then make your weight decision with your need at the back of your mind.

These factors must not be considered in isolation. Every factor must be brought to bear when making a final choice of the best ozark trail backpack


Possessing a good backpack is essential for your outdoor lifestyle. Ozark trail as a brand provides many good alternatives. They have an array of quality backpacks that can serve your diverse needs. Whether it is hiking, travelling, camping, schooling or working, they have the backpacks that will meet your needs.

We have reviewed eight of these ozark trail backpacks. They differ in price, size, weight, design, color, internal frame and so on, it is therefore essential that you evaluate them using these factors and choosing the only that aligns most with your needs, preferences and personality.

Best Ozark Trail Backpack Review [Save Money]
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