The Ultimate Guide To The Best Pink Yeti Cooler

Making a choice of cooler has become more complicated than ever. The argument over whether the qualities of a yeti cooler are still worth the huge price despite the availability of similarly quality coolers at cheaper prices has been a question of huge importance.

 Similar to this is the question of whether the color of a cooler has any peculiar significance. Particularly, whether it has any effect on Ice retention. What then is the answer to all of these?




Pink Yet Tundra 45

​The Tundra 45 dimensions are 25 1/2 in long x 16 in wide x 15 ½ in high with an empty weight of 22 lbs

​The Tundra 35 dimensions are 21 in long x 16 in wide x 15 ½ in high with an empty weight of 17 lbs


​The Roadie dimensions are 18 ½ in long x 13 5/8 in wide x 14 3/8 in high with an empty weight of 15 lbs


​While it cannot be conclusively proved that the color of a cooler has any impact on the ice retention or the functionality of the cooler, some factors should still be borne in mind.

Your Personality and Style:

Different individuals have different taste and different definition of beauty. In choosing a cooler color, it is important to choose a cooler that matches your aesthetic sense and conforms to your personal taste and design. In a sense, it is important to choose a cooler color that you are literally in love with. This will also increase your subjective enjoyment of the cooler.

Your Peculiar needs:

Maybe you like a cooler which color matches with the color of your boat or the color of your car or the interior design of your home or some other considerations where the colors can match.


Some colors are easier to maintain compared to others. Some people cannot maintain white color materials and products, whatever it is, while others have no such problem. It is important to choose a cooler color that is easier for you to maintain in addition to the two points already mentioned.

However one of the most sought after cooler color is the pink coolers. Pink is the most sought after because it reflects the color that many women are comfortable with. And since women are the owners of the home and most likely make such decisions as coolers, the demand for pink coolers (the favorite color of many women) have increased

Also, pink is the color that also symbolizes breast cancer awareness and in solidarity with this, many brands are creating special pink coolers to reflect this awareness. For this reasons, the search for pink coolers is huge and in this review we take a look at some of the best pink coolers available in the market.

Yeti is particularly significant when it comes to the pink cooler. Pink yeti cooler is becoming a well-known brand of yeti excellent coolers. ​In this review, we take a look at some of the hot pink yeti cooler as well as pink coolers from other brands apart from Yeti. Stay tuned.

​You'll love the unboxing of Yeti Cooler

A great cooler from yeti. The hot pink yeti cooler 35 is an excellent combination of the great body with great ice retention.

pink yeti tundra 35This is the very first yeti cooler. It was the first demonstration of the highly rated rotomolded cooler construction. A great product from YETI. It has bear resistant with non-slip, non-slid foot. They also have a fat wall design with double haul handles and gridlock gasket. This comes with an excellent vortex drain system and a never fail hinge system. They also have an interlock lid system, great insulation and ice retention and a very good assurance of durability. A great cooler designed to handle low temperature and works well with dry ice.

The yeti cooler 35 has greater capacity than the 20 roadie small pink yeti cooler. It is able to hold more Ice for a longer period and for extended trips. The yeti cooler 35 will hold 20 cans of beverages with Ice and conforms to the 2:1 ice to content ratio and can hold only Ice to the tune of 30lbs.

Moreover, it has a product weight of 25.1 pounds and product dimension of 21.3 inches by 16.6 inches by 16.5 inches. This yeti cooler is the right cooler that gives a good balance between large size that contains a lot of ice and also not so heavily weighted like the bigger ones.


  • ​Great ice retention.
  • ​Well insulated.
  • ​Fast shipping.
  • check
    ​Perfect size and balance between content and size.


  • ​A little bit very heavy
  • close
    ​Very expensive

hot pink yeti coolerFirst in this review of yeti pink cooler is the yeti roadie 20 pink cooler. This small yeti pink cooler roadie is the perfect cooler for short trips, canoeists, day trippers and kayakers. They are very portable coolers with great features. The small yeti pink cooler is perfectly built for immediate use, either for fishing or tailgating. It is one of the hot pink yeti cooler.

Despite the portability of this yeti roadie, there is no lack of them in regards to the strength, compactness and durability of yeti coolers. The yeti 20 roadie coolers are rotomolded coolers that can endure any difficult conditions and pressures from the weather. This is in addition to them being bear resistant.

Moreover, can holding a capacity of the yeti 20 is 14 cans of beverages together with the ice that keeps them cool and fresh.  Yeti 20 adheres to the 2:1 ice to content ratio. However, they have an ice only capacity of 20lbs. Like other great yeti coolers, it won’t hyper extend or break. Insulation is very easy with 2 inches of Permafrost insulation. This is combined with LipGrip handles and rope handles that make hauling easy.

In addition, lids are 3 inches ensuring incredible ice retention. They have non-slip feet, leak-proof vortex drain system that ensures easy drainage, T-Rex lid latches and Coldlock gasket locks.

This small yeti pink cooler weighs 18.9lbs with a product dimension of 20 inches by 13.38 inches by 14.38 inches on the outside. Customer security is enhanced with a 5 years warranty on the product.


  • ​Excellent Ice retention
  • ​Perfect for day trips
  • ​No sweating or leaking
  • check
    ​Works great for any outdoor condition


  • ​A little bit expensive

​You'll not find too many pink yeti cooler in the market, but we've found few more pink cooler form others brands. Let have a look if you're interested.

Orca pink 26 quart coolerThough not from Yeti, the grandmaster of coolers, this pink cooler from Orca are worth looking into. Like the pink yeti cooler 20, the Orca pink cooler 26 quart is a small spaced cooler that’s perfect for short day trips, fishing, tailgating.

Orca pink cooler 26 quart is made from the roto-molded construction. This means they are very strong in and out, durable and able to withstand different kinds of outdoor conditions and weather. They have a great insulation that keeps your food and/or beverages cold and cool for a long period of time, up to 10 days.

The coolers handles are padded making them easy to carry and transport to anywhere, in the car or in the boat. Moreover, it has a Lid gasket that makes it seal perfectly and Cargo Net attachment that ensures added storage.

Made from the United States, Orca 26 quart comes with an extra guarantee of quality, conformity to high regulatory, environmental standards. In addition, you have a lifetime warranty on this product.

Orca 26 quart has a product weight of 22 pounds and a product dimension of 14.8 inches by 17.5 inches by 23.8 inches. With all these features, they are a good option for those with too low budget to get a hot pink yeti cooler.


  • ​Retains ice for a long period
  • ​Very cheap compared to other brands
  • ​Excellent drainage system​​​


  • ​Not so deep
  • close
    ​Very little space inside the cooler

Coleman vintage steel belted portable pink coolerThis is another great product from another brand. It is a rose pink cooler and a little bit different from the pink yeti cooler and the pink orca cooler.

It is a very large cooler that has the capacity to hold 85 cans of beverages and hold a 2 liter bottle upright with enough space for other food and refreshment. The Coleman 54 quart cooler is your perfect company for long trips, camps, tailgating parties and any other outdoor events. It guarantees great Ice retention and enough space. Also, when many people are needed to be catered for rather than a single person trip, the Coleman 54 quart is very handy.

The stainless steel lid latch, steel handles to ensure that transport and carriage are stress free and comfortable. The lid is also suitable to be used as a seat, they are well made, strong and rugged. In this way, they are multipurpose

In addition to all these, the Coleman 54 quart has an excellent drainage system. This is coupled with their retro design and built in bottle opener. Ice retention is as high as 4 days even under 90 degrees Fahrenheit temperature

Despite the size and capacity, it has a product weight of only 20.4 pounds and a product dimension of 25.5 inches by 17.7 inches by 17.3 inches.

Coleman coolers are made in the United States with high conformity to regulatory and environmental standards.


  • ​Fast shipping
  • ​Very cheap
  • ​Good Ice retention


  • ​Not very durable hinges and locks
  • close
    ​Surface is not very smooth

Engel Cooler PinkThe Engel cooler is not like the yeti cooler. They do not have a drain system and Ice does not last for more than a few hours or 1-2 days maximum, even at a temperature as high as 90 degrees. They are more of a dry box than a cooler to keep ice for multiple days. It also does not have a very thick and rugged body like the pink yeti cooler. It however can be used as a step up. It is strong enough for someone to stand on it. The top handles are well made and not prone to break.

In addition, it has a small tray that sits at the top that separates Ice from food. The lid has a seal and holds water without spilling. They also come with carrying straps for easier carriage and transport.

The Engel 30 quart cooler is able to hold 18 cans of beverages with 8-10 pounds of Ice to keep them cool. It is also perfect for dry Ice. Moreover, it can hold 48 cans of beverages alone and 45lbs of Ice alone.

The Engel 30 quart cooler has a product dimension of 16.5 inches by 9.5 inches by 11.5 inches internally and 19.5 inches by 12.5 inches by 14.5 inches externally. Product weight is 7 lbs


  • ​Very cheap
  • ​It’s a dry box and works with dry ice
  • ​Have good rod holders
  • check
    ​Very light weighted


  • ​Absence of a drain system
  • close
    ​Does not keep ice for a long period of time

Pelican 20 quart Pink elite CoolerThis is another great pink cooler but from another company, this time it is Pelican.

The Pelican 20 quart cooler has a product weight of just 15 pounds and product dimension of 19 inches by 18 inches by 13 inches

Like the Elite cooler, it does not have a drain system, however, the handles are molded into the cooler body. It is also dry ice compatible. Pelican coolers are very strong and durable and can endure extreme conditions

Pelican elite has a great ice retention that can last for many days, sometimes and in some conditions, up to 7 days.


  • ​Very strong and durable
  • ​Cheap price
  • ​Very tall and deep
  • check
    ​Good ice retention


  • ​Absence of a drainage system
  • close
    ​Not so wide

​There are the popular and great Pink coolers that are available. We have looked at the pink yeti cooler and various pink coolers from different brands. The strengths, weaknesses and features of each have been well enumerated and described. It is your turn to read and read again and carefully choose the pink cooler that you will love and will definitely satisfy your needs.

The Ultimate Guide To The Best Pink Yeti Cooler
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