RTIC SoftPak 20 vs 30 Comparison 2018.

Are you thinking about to buy a Softpak from RTIC? But confused, which one will be the best, RTIC SoftPak 20 or 30?

RTIC has been widely known as one of the brands of coolers that are getting to the level of Yeti. RTIC brand proposition is to give you the qualities of the Yeti coolers at half the price. They believe they can deliver the amazing features that have made Yeti a household rate yet at prices that will not make the customers bulge or break the bank.

Softpack coolers are lightweight coolers that are easily transported. They have the same capacity as the hard coolers but offer some features that have made them a preferred choice by many. They take lesser space; they are easier to carry without much stress. In many cases, they are also very durable.


Preview Product Rating Price
RTIC Soft Pack 20, Tan RTIC Soft Pack 20, Tan 25 Reviews $118.99 from $113.95
RTIC Soft Pack 20, Black RTIC Soft Pack 20, Black 10 Reviews $118.99
RTIC Soft Pack 30, Tan RTIC Soft Pack 30, Tan 199 Reviews from $143.99
RTIC Soft Pack 40, Black RTIC Soft Pack 40, Black 6 Reviews $173.99
RTIC Soft Pack 30 (Seafoam) RTIC Soft Pack 30 (Seafoam) 13 Reviews $144.95 from $143.99

Softpack coolers are also easy to wash, clean and maintain. They have a lesser tendency to absorb smell. Also, they have external pockets and compartments where you can easily keep some other items that are important for your trips.

Softpack coolers are the best for short hikes, road trips, picnics, rafting, packing lunch, kayaking, and outdoor sports among others.

RTIC does not just manufacture hard coolers; they made excellent soft pack coolers for their customers. Just like their hard coolers, they seek to give amazing value and benefits at a cheaper price.

In this review, we will be taking a look at two of the commonest RTIC softpak: the softpak 2o and the softpak 30. We will begin with a RTIC softpak 30 review and then do a RTIC softpak 20 vs 30 comparison.

At the end of this review, we hope you will be able to make the right decision on buying a RTIC softpak whether it is the softpak 20 or the softpak 30.

RTIC SoftPack 30 Review

The RTIC 30 is a mid-sized cooler that has been made by RTIC with incredible strength and durability.

Ice retention capacity:

The RTIC 30 softpak can conveniently contain 30 cans of drinks and beverages together with Ice. The cooler can keep their content cool and chilly for complete 5 days. Whether it is a camping trip, a fishing adventure or any other kind of outdoor event, the RTIC 30 can guarantee that your drinks and beverages will remain cold for a long period of time. The incredible ice retention capacity comes from the fact that the softpak 30 has a 2 inches closed cell foam insulation.


The cooler is really tough. Though it is a soft pack cooler, RTIC has made it very strong and durable compared to other softpak brands. It has a heavy duty shell made from Vinyl. This gives it the strength and compactness. Also, the RTIC softpak 30 is UV proof and tear proof.

When you leave it out in the sun or in circumstances that can easily tear other softpak coolers, you can be assured your RTIC softpak 30 will stand tall and will not fade. It has incredible durability. Moreover, the cooler is light weighted and can be easily transported from one place to the other.

It has an antimicrobial lining that makes it resistant to mold and water.

Other Features:

It has an exterior pocket that can be used to keep your dry items without mixture with your cold drinks and beverages.

Soft pack 30 has a no sweat exterior. Irrespective of the sun, the body does not sweat and it will not keep your hands wet.

The zipper is a no leak zipper. The drinks and beverages will not leak for any reason.

They have straps and handles that can be easily adjusted with good hanging loops and some bottom buckles to go along.

RTIC softpak 30 has a product dimension of 17.3 inches by 13.9 inches by 12.9 inches and a product weight of 6.19 pounds.


The RTIC softpak currently cost around $134 on Amazon. The price is exclusive of the shipping cost. This is very cheap relative to the other competing brands.


The RTIC 30 softpak is available on many online stores that sell coolers. It can be bought from the Amazon store or from the RTIC website. There are many other sites that also sell the RTIC softpak 30. They are not difficult to buy online though they are very difficult to buy offline.

 The RTIC 30 softpak is made in China and designed / distributed in the United States (Houston, Texas)

Warranty and Customer Service:

The RTIC customer service has always been difficult to relate with. When you get a faulty product, it might become very difficult to get a replacement. RTIC does have a standard warranty of 30 days for defects and a 4 year total warranty term. But relating to their customer service for support can be very laborious. This has been a major blight in their brand image.

RTCI SoftPack 30 Cooler Pros

  • Incredible ice retention capacity.
  • The cooler is well made, strong and durable.
  • It is light weighted and easy to carry along with good shoulder straps.
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    The cooler is very cheap compared to other brands.
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    There are no leakages.
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    Strong and resistant to external damages.
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    They have many tie downs and attachment slots.

RTCI SoftPack 30 Cooler Cons

  • The zipper can get too difficult to open (Since its waterproof)
  • The external pockets for dry items are so small.
  • The softpak come with a plastic odor when they are first used.

That is the RTIC softpak 30 review. It is a really great cooler with many good features. It is handy for all manner of trips and adventures.

RTIC Softpack 20 vs 30 Comparison

Now, we take a look at the RTIC softpak 20 vs 30.

RTIC SoftPak 20 OR 30

The RTIC softpak 2o is a smaller version of the RTIC softpak. It has many features like what we have seen in the RTIC softpak 30 reviews.

However, there are still some considerable differences between the two coolers that you need to be aware of. These differences will affect your buying decision.

RTIC SOftPak 20 vs 30 Review by Edith Izaguirre

Check RTIC SOFTPAK Current Price

RTIC Soft Pack 30 (Blue/Grey)
RTIC 20 Soft Pack
RTIC Soft Pack 40, Grey
RTIC Soft Pack 30 (Blue/Grey)
RTIC 20 Soft Pack
RTIC Soft Pack 40, Grey
199 Reviews
526 Reviews
23 Reviews
RTIC Soft Pack 30 (Blue/Grey)
RTIC Soft Pack 30 (Blue/Grey)
199 Reviews
RTIC 20 Soft Pack
RTIC 20 Soft Pack
526 Reviews
RTIC Soft Pack 40, Grey
RTIC Soft Pack 40, Grey
23 Reviews

Lets Check out all types of differences in details 🙂


The RTIC softpak 30 is a larger sized cooler that can hold up to 30 cans of drinks and beverages. On the other hand, the RTIC softpak 20 can only hold about 20 cans of drinks and beverages together with Ice.

Buyer decision: This depends on what your needs are. If the extra capacity of the softpak 30 is not useful for you, go with the softpak 20. But if you need larger space and you don’t want to stuff your items, go with the softpak 30. The decision will depend on what you need the cooler; the kind of adventures and trips and the number of people who are going with you.

Ice retention:

The RTIC softpak 30 and the softpak 20 have a similar and almost indistinguishable ice retention capacity. They can both comfortably keep drinks and beverages cool for 3 days and up to 5 days depending on the weather condition.

Buyer decision: This is not a great point of difference that will significantly affect your buying decision.


The RTIC softpak 30 currently cost about $134 on Amazon while the softpak 20 cost $109. This means the softpak 30 is $25 more expensive than the softpak 30.

Buyer decision: The price differential is not so significant especially when you compare the prices of these two coolers with some of their counterparts like Yeti and Igloo. But when deciding between the two coolers, you need to balance between cost and need. If you don’t have up to $134, you can buy the softpak 20. But if the softpak 30 is what you really need, it is best to save more money and buy it. If the softpak 20 is what you need, you can buy it for $109 and save your $25 for another purpose.

rtic softpak 30 review

RTIC Softpak 30 Review


Softpack 30 has a weight of 6.19 pounds compared to the 5 pounds of the softpak 20. This means that the softpak 30 is heavier. This also means that the softpak 20 is easier to carry and more convenient. When they are full, the softpak 20 is the lighter weighted option compared to the softpak 30.

Buyer decision: If comfort and portability are all you want, the softpak 20 serves it to you. But if you want larger space and can endure the extra weight, the softpak 30 is cool. While the softpak 20 will be ideal for short and single trips, the softpak 30 is a better option for long trips that involve more people.


Softpack 20 is shorter compared to the softpak 30. As a result, the softpak 30 can sit some certain drinks and beverages that might be difficult for the softpak 20 to sit. Some drinks and beverages are long and might not fit well into the softpak 20 because of the height.

Buyer decision: This depends on the kind of drinks and beverages that you are used to. Can your favorite drinks and beverages fit into the softpak 20 or do you need something taller? It depends entirely on you.


The RTIC softpak 30 has similar features to the RTIC softpak 20. There are really no RTIC softpak 20 vs 30 when it comes to features. Both softpak have vinyl shell body, antimicrobial lining, UV resistance, Leak proof zippers, adjustable straps and thick insulation. The two coolers compare exactly well when it comes to features.

Buyer decision: You don’t need to worry that you will be losing some benefits by buying a softpak 30 instead of 20 and you won’t lose any benefits buying a softpak 20 instead of the softpak 30. They both have the same features.  The insulation capacity, the strong and durable build are the same.

In the same fashion, they both have issues with their zippers. The difficulty of zipping and unzipping is not limited to any of the two softpak.

That’s our review of RTIC Softpak 20 vs 30. The two coolers offer immense value and great features that can make life easier for you and your friends. It is now your choice to determine which of the two coolers to buy.

Should I buy a softpak cooler?

As we have discussed in the beginning, the softpak coolers model have their unique advantages that might be just right for you. If you answer yes to the following, you should definitely buy a softpak cooler.

  • Do you need more compartments and pockets for your trips?
  • Do you want a light weighted cooler that is easy to carry and transport?
  • Do you want a cooler that is easy to clean and does not absorb odor?
  • Question Square
    Do you need a versatile cooler that you can take to the beach or to the picnic?
  • Question Square
    Do you want a cooler that is easy to pack and unpack?

If your answer yes to those questions, then you should buy a softpak cooler 🙂

Okay, But should I buy a softpak cooler from RTIC??

  • Do you need a cooler that has huge insulation capacity?
  • Do you need a softpak that has the strength and durability comparable to a hard cooler?
  • Do you want a cooler that will not leak?
  • Question Square
    Do you want a cooler that has amazing features like UV resistance and puncture resistance?
  • Question Square
    Do you want all these qualities for a cheaper price?

If your answer yes to all the following questions, then RTIC is exactly what you need.

20 0r 30?

That depends ultimately on your needs and the kind of use you want for your softpak. Take a second look at the comparison, review the key differences and comparison criteria and then decide which of the two RTIC softpak cooler will best serve your need.


We have looked at the RTIC softpak 30 review and the RTIC comparison between softpack 20 vs 30. We have shared valuable information that will help you decide. Review the information and make a choice. We are committed to helping you get the best coolers and get the best life. We hope you will make the right choice.

RTIC SoftPak 20 vs 30 Comparison 2018.
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